European Pi Day


In 1988 an American invented Pi (Π) Day on 14th March because the date is written 3.14 (Pi equalling 3.14159265 etc. for those who don’t remember GCSE Maths). Not to be outdone, the Europeans decided to have a European Pi Day on 22nd July because 22/7 is approximately Π!

Someone in Camberley Rotaract brought this up a few months ago, and we decided to go out to dinner for PIE to celebrate this day! On Friday 23rd July we all met up to go to a pie shop. Not just any pie shop, but Sweeney & Todd in Reading, which just so happens to be next to a Barbers! We checked our food carefully for fingernails, but it all seemed okay!

The choice of pies was magnificent, as was the way the waitress listed them off completely memorised. The boys got very excited about the Anniversary Pie, containing bacon, steak and a couple other meats! I thought the most interesting was the Five Nations Pie – lamb, potatoes, mustard, leek, garlic or something like that!

Although the waitress didn’t seem impressed when we explained Pi day to her, the food was delicious and filling and there was a lovely summery ale on tap.

Appetites satiated, Rotaract moved on to a Japanese cocktail bar and had some rather interesting and expensive cocktails, and danced the night away on a very exciting light-up 70s disco style floor!

Great night had by all, but getting up at 7am the next day to do a 10-mile walk, a little less pleasant!